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We design and build business applications for customers around the world.

If you have an idea ready to become reality and / or a desire to make your business better through technology, then let’s talk.



We build applications that are designed for scale, and for interactivity – offering your partners the ability to integrate their systems with yours through secure APIs.


Our involvement starts at concept stage, and doesn’t end when the product is signed off – we build relationships with our customers that last.


Our team can design and build applications for Android or iOS when required – and we work with you to determine what the right solutions are for your business needs.



We have many years of experience helping businesses design applications that give them an edge on their competition. Not because their teams work harder, but because their teams work smarter.



We believe that we contribute just as much value in the early stage planning as when we’re building out the application. That’s why, like it or not, we’ll always give you our considered advice when it comes to design decisions that impact how your software will function.



We build applications that take users on a journey – and while we want them to get to their destination as quickly as possible, it’s critical that they arrive without having any breakdowns, and having enjoyed the journey itself.

For us, that means we need to start with a thorough understanding of your business processes before we start to work on the practical application of UX/UI principles to your projects.



Once we have a detailed technical specification including wireframe layouts and design guidelines, we start to build. Our project management staff in the UK work closely with our engineering team in Sri Lanka to ensure everything is pixel perfect and thoroughly tested before we get to alpha stage.

Alpha testing is your opportunity as a customer to break things, discover what works and what doesn’t, and suggest changes, which we include into a minor version upgrade.  These minor versions are built and tested again and again in an iterative process.

Only once that process is complete do we roll out to a selected group of Beta testers, and only when everyone is happy with that version of the software will we go live with the v1.0 production release.

The team at Random Software built the core platform on which we run ezimethods.com.


Their contributions to the design were extremely valuable and the software they produced is a hugely powerful tool which has been completely reliable.


This allows us to operate as a global, high technology business with low overheads and great customer satisfaction.

Ben Cardy
Commercial Director
Auto Industry Consulting Ltd


Neil Parr-Davies

Neil Parr-Davies

Managing Director

With over ten years’ experience managing software projects for companies in the UK, USA and Middle East, Neil is responsible for all customer interaction including product design, project management and ongoing support.

Rasika Bandara

Rasika Bandara

Engineering Director

A highly qualified full stack software engineer, with experience in a wide range of technologies, Rasika manages our team of developers in Sri Lanka and is ultimately responsible for all technical aspects of the business including code and server maintenance.

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